My art practice is an exploration, a discovery of value and meaning in an open-ended process that nonetheless thrives on limits and parameters. I'm intuitively drawn to certain materials, forms, colors, and processes/technologies, even as I search for meaning in them, even as I search for new ground to break, new problems to solve. 

My image and object-making has evolved in line with my proclivities – privileging "found” over “sought”, enigmatic over declarative, less over more. A process of bricolage and an attitude of make|do, coupled with what chance reveals about unexpected relationships, informs my work. The objects in my installations are found, recycled, and re-purposed materials harvested from my surroundings. 

My photographic images – radically de-focused, indeterminate, liminal – encourage a kind of free-flowing inquiry that stimulates new ways of seeing and looking, critical thinking, and play. The imagery is never fully fixed within the confines of the individual piece – there is an “open border” with the surrounding environment, inviting relational and contextual dialogue.

The grid often declares itself as a formal structure in my work. The discovery – the value uncovered – is the capacity of objects and images to resonate in unexpected ways in these new relationships.