My art practice is an exploration – a discovery of value and meaning in an open-ended process that nonetheless thrives on limits. I'm intuitively drawn to certain materials, forms, colors and processes, even as I search for new ground to break and new problems to solve. The grid is often an implied or explicit structure in my work as I explore the countervailing forces of order and disorder, entropy, and chaos.

My image and object-making privileges "found” over “sought”, enigmatic over declarative, less over more. I work with a limited color palette and a limited number of materials, focusing instead on the dynamics of line and form in space. I currently favor these primary materials (wire, plaster, painter’s tape), forms (square, circle, wedge), colors (white, black, gray, indigo), and processes (balancing, hanging, leaning).

The objects in my wallworks and installations are found, recycled, and re-purposed materials harvested from my surroundings. My photographic images are often radically de-focused, indeterminate and liminal. When combined, these objects and images resonate in unexpected ways, prompting a second look and a deeper inquiry. The porous boundary between work and wall or site underscores the profound connection between context and meaning.